Download "Expression of interest" template DOCX file.

The deadline for submitting your interest is January 22, 2023.

  • What is a mini-symposium?

A mini-symposium (MS) is a session of 4 to 6 coordinated presentations on a single topic of current interest in the domain of surface science, in accordance with the scope of the conference. The underlying idea of MS is to encourage the diversity of speakers and of the scientific topics through granting its organization to a specialist in the topic.

A MS organizer is responsible of the entire scientific programme of the MS: choice of both the topic and the speakers. The MS organizer also reviews the abstract submissions with the help of the ECOSS committee. Additionally, the MS organizer will chair the MS at the conference venue, will foster an environment for discussion during the MS, and is welcome to give a presentation during the MS. The MS organizer can be assisted with up to two co-organizers, preferably from different institutions and preferably from Widening countries.

The MS organizers are selected by the ECOSS commitee based on the quality and seriousness of the applications. We strongly encourage researchers in their early- and mid-stage of career to submit their expression of interest. MS organizers must actively consider diversity and inclusivity in the programme (i.e. diversity of gender, diversity of origin, participation of scientists from different institutions and/or countries).

Depending on the balance of topics and on the number and quality of applications, ECOSS may consider merging or extending MS together to form a series of MS on a similar topic.

  • Why become a MS organizer?

- Unique opportunity to lead and chair a parallel session at ECOSS on a chosen topic.
- Directly meet and discuss science with lead researchers in the MS topic.
- Guarantee to give a presentation during the MS.
- MS organizers (and co-organizers) will have names and affiliation in the programme and other conference materials.
- Excellent opportunity to diversify your professional competences (organization, reviewing of abstracts, networking) which are beneficial at any stage of the academic career.

  • How to express your interest to become a MS organizer at ECOSS-36?

The procedure to become a MS organizer consists of submitting an expression of interest. The expression of interest consists of the following:

- MS title.
- Scientific topic: primary and additional sub-topics (e.g. AFM, molecule adsorption, simulation).
- Organizer details: name/surname, contact details of the MS organizer candidate.
- Co-organizers: Up to two co-organizers (name/surname/contact details) can be also included who will assist with the reviewing process (optional), preferably from Widening countries.
- Expected audience of the MS: neighbouring scientific fields susceptible to be interested in the MS, type of audience.
- Research scope: short paragraph (up to 200 words, no figure) to introduce the focus of your research (and optional co-organizers) as well as relevant research achievements.
- Abstract: description of the MS (up to 500 words), including suggestions for topics and speakers.

The expression of interest should be compiled in a single document titled MS_<INITIALS>_<TITLE>.docx. Use this DOCX template file. Submit your expression of interest by email: before the 22 January 2023. Email title should include “mini-symposia” phrase. Applications submitted at later dates will not be considered.

  • Other information

- The format of the MS presentations is 15 min + 5 min questions.
- MS keynote presentations are 30 + 10 min (a keynote talk is optional with maximum one keynote presentation per MS).
- Typically, a MS should organize as follows: 1 MS keynote presentation followed by 3 or 4 standard presentations (total duration of the MS: 1h40 or 2h). Alternatively, 5 or 6 standard presentations (total duration: 1h40 or 2h) is also possible.
- Please note that ECOSS is unable to reimburse the expenses or waive the registration fees of organizers and speakers. All organizers and speakers must register for the conference and are subject to the corresponding registration fees.
- MS organizers can however apply for separate travel grants at different institutions (e.g. EPS travel grant or IUVSTA-Elsevier travel award
- Presentations submitted for a MS must follow the abstract submission guidelines.
- MS speakers should, as much as possible, come from different institutions.