1. How to get to Lodz by plane?

The nearest airports are located in Lodz and Warsaw. Lodz is located in the centre of Poland, so other airports are possible e.g. Kraków-Balice, Gdańsk, Katowice-Pyrzowice, Wrocław-Strachowice, Poznań-Ławica. Useful information for transport once in Poland can be found below:

Car rental:
Car rental services are available at the airport directly. Most parking spaces in Lodz city centre must be paid for. If you choose this option, we recommend booking a hotel that offers parking.

By bus:
You can check the connections, among others, at or Flixbus offers a direct bus line from Warsaw Chopin International airport Lodz city centre (trip duration: 1h30 to 2h00).

By train:
All connections can be found directly on the Polish Railways website or

Useful apps:
Google maps works well in Poland. Alternatively, to get to the bus/train station from the airport, the website and app may be useful to find fastest bus/tram connections. Public transport tickets can be bought in the app directly.

Information about Lodz airport and destinations can be found here: From Lodz airport, the 65A and 65B public bus lines both serve the city centre. Ticket machines available inside the bus directly and accepts most credit/debit cards.

2. Borders and International Traffic

From 28 March 2022 onwards, all restrictions on travel to the Republic of Poland are lifted, which means there is NO OBLIGATION to:

  1. present any COVID certificates when crossing the border;
  2. take any test for SARS-CoV-2;
  3. undergo any quarantine.

3. Social distancing and face masks

The wearing of a mask is NOT COMPULSORY. Exceptions apply to medical centres and pharmacies, where a mask is COMPULSORY.

Official information can be found here:

4. How to get around in Lodz?

Lodz has an extensive public transport infrastructure. Tram and bus are great ways to get around the city. Ticket vending machines are available directly in buses and trams and at some stops. More info at:

Map of bus and tram connections:

Jakdojade website/app:

Public city bike rentals are available from Łódzki Rower Publiczny (
Electric scooter sharing system from Bolt is also available in Lodz (

Car rentals are available at

Taxi is of course always an option, and Uber operates in Lodz.

5. Poland has received many refugees related to war in Ukraine; does this have impacts in any way?

The situation in Poland is safe. The influence of the war in Ukraine is not noticeable in Poland more than in any other EU country.

6. Where to look for accommodation?

The venue of the incoming ECOSS36 is in Vienna House Andel’s Hotel. Book your accommodation directly through them. Use "ECOSS” to get a special offer when booking.

Another option to look for accommodation is

Check out suggestions at

7. What are the attractions in Lodz? Where to eat in Lodz?

A lot of information about tourism attractions and places to visit in Lodz can be found at

Lodz is home to a vibrant cuisine scene and offers many restaurants and dining options. More information can be found at

The last week of August is also the last week of summer holidays, so you can expect more people to enjoy the last days of their holidays. Therefore, if you want to go to a museum, we recommend buying a ticket in advance on their website. If you wish to dine in at a restaurant, we also recommend booking a table in advance.

8. Money

Virtually every shop and restaurant offer cash and card payment options. ATMs can be found everywhere across the city.

9. How can I get to the conference location?

The conference takes place at Vienna House Andel’s Lodz, Ulica Ogrodowa 17, 91065 Lodz, Poland.

From Lodz Kaliska train station:
Take bus no. 86 towards Rewolucji 1905r and get off at Prochnika/Gdanska. From there the hotel is about ten-minute-walk away.
(Journey time: approximately 25 minutes; Fare: approximately EUR 1.50*)

From Lodz Widzew train station:
Take bus no. 85/85A/Z8 toward Szpital im. Korczaka and get off at Pilsudskiego/Szpital im. Korczaka. Then take bus no. 96 to Rojna and get off at Zachodnia/Legionow. From there the hotel is a 5-10 minute- walk away.
(Journey time: approximately 45 minutes; fare: approximately EUR 1.50*)

From Lodz Fabryczna train station:
Take bus no. 59 towards Radogoszcz Wschód and get off at Zachodnia-Manufaktura. From there the hotel is about seven minutes' walk away.
(Journey time: approximately 15 minutes; fare: approximately EUR 1.50*)

Stops near Andel’s:

79 (Drewnowska)
87A, 87B (Ogrodowa-Gdańska)

2, 3, 11A, 11B (Zachodnia)

The hotel has 100 parking spaces available. EUR 12 per day.

10. Internet

You will have access to free WiFi in the conference area.

If you are thinking of buying a SIM card in Poland, you can buy it in the store of the operator. Each SIM card is registered, so you need to present your passport to the seller.

11. The conference fee does not include lunch. What are the restaurants options nearby the venue?

Within 5-min walk, there is Manufaktura - shopping, service and entertainment center, opened on the site of the former factory complex of Izrael Poznanski.

In the Manufaktura you will find a wide selection of restaurants and places where you can eat.

12. I want to come with a child of preschool age, will the conference organizer provide childcare?

We provide temporary care for children in an English-speaking kindergarten.
If your child needs such care, please contact us and tick the appropriate box in the registration form.